We provide assistance and support to enable young people to:

Path 2 Change is committed to supporting people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, with equal opportunities and access, to make informed choices about their lives, and reduce the instances of continuing homelessness.
SERVICES » homelessness

Access educational / training and employment opportunities

Source and apply for education / training and employment opportunities

Identify key strengths and areas for development when choosing education/training and employment opportunities

Access scholarships

Obtain references and other documentation to support employment applications

Access transport to and from education, employment and training

Obtain documentation to enroll for education and training

Access literacy and numeracy workshops

Link with existing mentors relevant to the area of interest

Access existing counselling services linked to education, employment or training providers

Prepare for interviews

Prepare young people to secure a drivers licence

Access short courses assisting clients to move towards their education & employment goals