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About Us

Path 2 Change can help young people to make the right connections in line with their skills and abilities, passion and drive, which leads to increased success in sustaining employment, in the longer term.  P2C is dedicated to young people to become independent, connect with their communities, and less likely to be at risk of homelessness.

Path 2 Change is committed to growing, offering more services for disadvantaged people in our community.  Innovative and inclusive ways of delivering practical programs are being developed to reach those who need support to move through ‘a difficult period’ in their lives.  Path 2 Change believes that whatever a person may be going through is just ‘a chapter’, and not ‘the whole story’.

Path 2 Change promotes social inclusion and work with people from Aboriginal and CALD backgrounds and the LGBT community, providing a culturally appropriate, inclusive and safe response, for those who access our service.

2015-2016 Annual General Meeting Report

2016 Strategic Plan


To prevent and reduce homelessness.


  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Inclusive
  • Integrity
  • Passionate


We collaborate and build meaningful partnerships and programs to support and enable people at risk of or experiencing homelessness