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About Us

Path 2 Change (P2C) not-for-profit organisation was established over 35 years ago, and is committed to reducing and preventing homelessness, supporting those at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, overcome barriers towards a sustainable future. Working to address the underlying causes and not the symptoms, Path 2 Change offers individualised support and case management, aimed to assist each person to recognise and utilise their strengths and abilities, to rise to their full potential.

Our board, management, staff and volunteers have a shared commitment to responding to the needs of vulnerable people in the community, with a focus on service responses tailored to addressing factors present in a person’s situation. Our strategies include a holistic approach working collaboratively with government, non-government, community and businesses to make a real difference to those most vulnerable in the community.  Path 2 Change provides advocacy, referral and support for many of the social issues that can contribute to homelessness including; unemployment, domestic violence, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse and addictions and poverty.

Path 2 Change promotes social inclusion and work with people from Aboriginal and CALD backgrounds and the LGBT community, providing a culturally appropriate, inclusive and safe response, for those who access our service.

2017-2018 Annual General Meeting Report

2018-2019 Annual General Meeting Report

2019-2020 Annual General Meeting Report


To prevent and reduce homelessness.


  • Inclusiveness
  • Passion
  • Client Driven
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Empathy


To support and empower people at risk of (or experiencing), homelessness, to achieve independence and connection with the community.  We collaborate and build meaningful partnerships and programs, to help people foster their capacity to realize a preferred future.