Empower Me

Fee for Service Life Skills Workshops.

‘Empower Me’ Life Skills program focuses on helping people to build and enhance their strengths and capabilities through developing foundational life skills or ‘soft skills’, leading to improved outcomes to manage barriers they may be facing. These life skills assist to cope with difficulties experienced across personal, emotional, and social domains, of their lives.

Workshops can be delivered as they are or be tailored to suit the current needs of your clients. The workshops are delivered by trained and dedicated staff using trauma informed and best practice principles, and expert facilitators are also utilised, to ensure clients have access to up to date, and relevant materials. Each workshop is interactive, fun, and practical. The workshops offered are as follows:

Empower Me » Empower Me

‘Talk the Talk’– Connections & Communication & Healthy Relationships

Domestic violence, bullying, social media and cyber bullying, workplace relationships and conflict management. This workshop helps identify appropriate and inappropriate relationships, how to implement strategies to manage difficult situations and relationships in the workplace, and access to resources and support. The workshop also facilitates strategies for communication and team building skills, to utilise personally and professionally.

Front Up’ Personal Presentation

The workshop will explore self-esteem, self-talk, and offer practical mindfulness techniques to assist with anxiety. Hygiene, hair and make-up, appropriate clothing, appropriate accessories such as piercings and tattoos, and training in presenting resumes to businesses. The workshop focuses on what is and is not appropriate when presenting at interviews, handing out resumes, and appropriate behaviours in the classroom and workplace. Individual styling with clothing through Sydney Dress for Success will be available for all participants.

Munchies – ‘Eating on a Budget’

Budgeting for food, shopping hacks and tips, mood foods and nutrition, making healthy meals using four ingredients and home cooked V’s take away. This workshop helps learn easy and practical ways to eat healthy on a budget and learn how the choices they make can affect their moods and performance for study and in and out of the workplace.

‘Flying High’ Drugs and Alcohol

Using and abusing drugs and alcohol, including the impact on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, workplace expectations and testing, risk assessment, harm minimisation and access to resources and help. This workshop informs about the risks of drug and alcohol use and abuse, and expectations of workplaces, management of addictions and access to resources and support.

‘Self Defence’

This workshop covers mindfulness exercises, physical self-defence: blocks, strikes, and easy ways to get out of grabs, and how to disarm an attacker. The workshop also covers how to set boundaries; being aware of your surroundings and how to keep calm in times of conflict or stress. The workshop helps build confidence and awareness about keeping ourselves safe.

‘I need a Dollar’

Budgeting, Tax File Numbers, Tax returns, credit cards, superannuation, record keeping and access to financial assistance/loans. The workshop offers participants strategies and practical skills and activities to manage their money on Centrelink, or on wages, understanding tax and superannuation, filling out important forms, and tasks such as weekly budgeting towards managing, and maintaining independence.

‘Home Run’

Goal setting and planning, interview skills, and workplace Rights, Roles and Responsibilities –Preparing for interviews using mindfulness techniques and other practical skills to manage stress for the interview experience, follow up, and managing rejection. The workshop offers practical tools and strategies for setting and achieving individual goals. Information on rights and responsibilities, with real life scenarios will equip participants to make informed decisions about managing difficult situations.

Other workshops that may be delivered include;

Mental Health, Mindfulness, Sexual Health; Rent It, Keep It & Art Therapy.