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Youth Forum: Exploring the Lived Experience of Youth Homelessness 20th July, 2016.

Path 2 Change (P2C) held a Youth Forum initiative as part of the ongoing inquiry into gaps within the homelessness services and service delivery.  A series of questions facilitated discussions with the nine young people around their ‘lived experiences throughout their journey of homelessness’.

Questions generated discussion around the type of organisations accessed whilst experiencing homelessness, what was and was not helpful, what challenges they faced when acing services and what would they like to see changed.  The top 3 concerns for homeless young people included:

  • Re-entering homelessness.
  • Finding stable employment and education.
  • Managing and keeping their heads above water

Local member Sonia Hornery MP, representatives from Family & Community Services and the Board of Directors for p2C attended

The young people engaged in an activity creating a collage.  The activity prompted the young people to create and express their lived experience with homelessness and their hopes and dreams for the future (see artworks below).

Collage made by young people.
Collage made by young people.
One of the many artworks created by our young people.
Young people expressing themselves through art.
Opportunities for discussions with Sonia Hornery MP, about the issues homeless young people are facing.
Board member Angela Higgins talking with a young refugee.
The young people, P2C staff and Sonia Hornery MP.