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‘Empower Me’ Life Skills Program

‘Empower Me’ life-skills workshops facilitate personal empowerment opportunities, increasing the potential to engage and sustain education, training and employment.

For people facing barriers to education, training and employment the ‘Empower Me’ workshops provide practical learning on a range of pertinent topics increasing their functional competency. The nature of the workshops also builds relationships and inter-connectedness between the group, providing a benefit of support, and community.

The workshops content is tailored to complement their participation in training or educational courses and assist in fast-tracking their development to a position of engagement with further education, training or employment. Rather than participants having to source life skills workshops in the community the ‘Empower Me’ workshops can be delivered in your designated space, where the participants are already comfortable, have a rapport with staff, and relationships with other participants.

Path 2 Change previously partnered with Salvation Army Employment Plus to deliver the workshops over two sites.  Evidence has shown there is improvement in learned life skills, increased self-confidence, ability to cope, resilience and stronger interaction in community and social connectedness and increased participation and sustainability of the participants, in education, training and employment.

Contact Path 2 Change for more information on workshop topics and costs (or see Empower Me section).