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Youth Pathway Program

The Youth Pathway Program funded by Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) works with clients at risk or experiencing homelessness. Utilising a client centred and collaborative approach to co-case management, Path 2 Change (P2C) supports young people aged 16 – 25 in collaboration with Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) to ensure a holistic approach to support.

P2C undertakes client centred case planning and develops strategies to address individual barriers that young people may be experiencing, when accessing assistance towards education/training and employment opportunities.

P2C supports and promotes education and employment opportunities including direct support to young people and the development of pathways that will be embedded across the SHS sector. P2C has significant relationships with local businesses, educational and training organisations, which to assist young people to access support.

Premier’s Youth Initiative

Path 2 Change (P2C) in a consortium partnership with Samaritans, Youth Connections and My Foundations, funded by The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) deliver a holistic program that addresses the identified problems of many of the young people leaving Out of Home Care (OOHC), transitioning into homelessness services. The Premier’s Youth Initiative provides a combination of personal advice, education and employment mentoring, transitional accommodation support, and long-term accommodation to help young people successfully transition into independence.

This new and unique approach allows P2C to work with the young people for up to three years, before and during their transition from OOHC, supporting young people with their education, training and employment goals and pathways.

Your Story, Your Future

Path 2 Change (P2C) in partnership with Carrie’s Place Domestic Violence & Homelessness Services are delivering a 12-month program, under the COVID-19, Domestic and Family Violence Grant program, to empower women to improve their outcomes.

P2C and Carrie’s Place recognised that many women needed additional support due to the complexities of relationships and impacted by domestic violence, with access to employment, training, and education opportunities.

P2C also provides our ‘Empower Me’ Life Skills workshops tailored to assist women to increase their job readiness, self-confidence, living skills, and ability to overcome the barriers to moving forward independently with their lives.

We provide assistance and support to enable young people to:

• Access educational/training and employment opportunities;
• Identify key strengths and areas for development when choosing education/training and employment opportunities;
• Source and apply for education/training and employment opportunities;
• Access short courses assisting clients to move towards their education & employment goals;
• Obtain references and other documentation to support employment applications;
• Access literacy and numeracy workshops;
• Access scholarships;
• Access transport to and from education, employment and training;
• Access existing counselling services linked to education, employment or training providers;
• Link with existing mentors relevant to the area of interest;
• Prepare young people to secure a drivers licence;
• Obtain documentation to enrol for education and training;
• Prepare for interviews;

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